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importing schedules and handling of time zones

From everything I read on these forums, if I want to create and import my own custom schedule, I should put the game times in as "local time". However, it does not seem to be working that way for me. It looks like it is interpreting all of the times in my schedule file to be Eastern time - so all of the games in the other time zones are starting earlier than I intend.

In my schedule file, I currently have all game start times set to "1905". Here is a little piece of what the file looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<SCHEDULE type="ILN_BGN_G154_SL1D3T6T6T6" inter_league="0" balanced_games="0" games_per_team="154" start_day_of_week="5">
<GAME day="1" time="1905" away="10" home="7" />
<GAME day="1" time="1905" away="11" home="9" />
<GAME day="1" time="1905" away="4" home="1" />
<GAME day="1" time="1905" away="5" home="3" />
<GAME day="1" time="1905" away="2" home="6" />
<GAME day="2" time="1905" away="8" home="12" />
<GAME day="2" time="1905" away="15" home="13" />
<GAME day="2" time="1905" away="16" home="18" />
<GAME day="2" time="1905" away="17" home="14" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="10" home="7" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="11" home="9" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="8" home="12" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="4" home="1" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="5" home="3" />
<GAME day="3" time="1905" away="2" home="6" />

However, when I import this file, instead of games all starting at 7:05PM local time, they all start at 7:05PM Eastern time.

Am I doing something wrong?

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