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Originally Posted by sfnate View Post
Well, you're going to get your wish, then.

I find Markus's comments in the AMA a bit confusing, to be honest. On the one hand, Markus said several months ago that the idea was to make MLB Manager much more (if not entirely) like OOTP. At the time he said this, I was happy to hear it, because it sounded like the developers were ready to let this game grow up and become a serious and deep baseball simulation. It's pretty cool even in its current limited form, but Markus was suggesting that they were ready to take it to the next level. That was exciting to hear. But that's not going to happen, and although I can guess that the reason has to do with resources and development schedules, I find it hard to reconcile the Markus of six months ago ("we'll overhaul the game to make it more like OOTP") with the Markus of the AMA, who says the game is really about casual gaming and casual gamers. Huh? Then why did he say (almost promise, not quite, but almost) that the game was going to get much, much deeper and sophisticated. Seems like a bit of a disconnect there, and makes me think they don't really have a long-term strategy for the game. Maybe they do, but it's coming across as a lukewarm commitment to maybe doing something someday.

In the end, sure, I'll keep playing the game, because there's no real competitor for it on the iPad. I'm in the unfortunate position of not having a PC or Mac that I can install OOTP on (my work laptop is locked-down by my employer), so my main personal computing device is a tablet. Which works out fine 99% of time, but in this particular instance, not so much. But that's my boo hoo predicament and probably most people don't share my pain. I'll just keep dreaming for the day when MLB Manager grows up and we give up the big buttons and silly cartoon graphics for something a little more, um--ah, who am I fooling, it's just a game. And I like it, and I appreciate the work and effort put into making it.

Let that be my last word on this: I appreciate the fact that the game exists at all!
I understand your concerns if you don't have a PC. I use the app a minute here or there and it is convenient to do so. That is definitely the benefit of the app. But if I have time to actually boot up a computer and play something it's the PC version which allows you to do almost anything. I can't limit myself to just the app.

I did not buy OOTP every year, but since the app was introduced I have purchased the app and the last 3 PC versions. This is why I just want a few updates, not an overhaul. I can get the overhauls on the PC. App 5 minutes over break.
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