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Originally Posted by CONN CHRIS View Post
Are they supposed to be links back to the forum or to some stored download file? Paul should be able to code that for you I would have to think.

As for the other stuff - I am not critical of you, it's just an inherently bad setup. I guess that I am critical of Paul - I don't believe that he thinks many things through but that's another story.

All that is being done really is guessing who the winners will be in sometimes close calls. That's a tough thing to do; if it were easy, gambling houses wouldn't exist. That isn't what TBCB is and to insert into a handicapping contest is just begging people to believe it isn't worth a damn because they are led to believe that it's worth is based on prognostication. The game itself has enough issues without creating false expectations that it can't meet even under the best of circumstances.
I'm looking at the Brandon Adams example. Is the link you are referring to in post 6372 of the tomato cam parade?

What I've tried to do in this thread, is to post post links back to the TC parade thread where the the TBDX files can be found. I haven't found any problem here with these links not working of with the TBDX files not working. They seem download ok here

I send Paul zips of the fighter files of guys that aren't in the original database. He in turn, posts links to the individual TDDX files on his Title bout site.

Since the TBDX files can be found in two locations I;m a bit confused about what link you are having the problem with.
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