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I see that no one else sees this to be the fool's errand that I do so I'll say one last piece and then let you all carry on.

1) Getting into this to begin with may have been a poor choice on Paul's part. The game is meant to simulate the past not predict the future. You are asking it to be something that it isn't. Even if the game worked flawlessly and had ratings that really were exhaustively tested, it wouldn't be set up to do this.

2) The reason that Paul wanted to do this was publicity. That makes perfect sense but all decisions that we make in life should be occasionally re-evaluated. In this case, Bear took over a sunken ship, not just one that was taking on water. A few bad weeks and the historical percentage for TBCB will have the accuracy of a well balanced silver dollar or Henrietta the stock picking chicken. This can't be generating interest of any sort in Paul's game other than perhaps a snicker here and there and another guy that vows to never buy the thing.

Edit: In short, I suspect that this endeavor is having the exact opposite impact from what was intended; retarding rather than generating interest and sales from current non-users.

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