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Originally Posted by bob_bask View Post
What ratings did Thurman and Diaz have when you ran them bear?

The official ratings give Thurman 7 and Diaz 5. I just got 65-33-2 for Thurman.

Just giving Abril nod as Troyanovsky bit of a unproven quantity.

That's one of the reason's I I mentioned the question of how "real" his power may be. There are some locales that produce fighters with really gaudy KO records because they were fed stiffs. (the challenge of Columbians, for example) That's why rating these active guys is such a test.

Heck, the Hanyk kid I rated is 10 and 0. He turned out to be a generous 3. Couldn't find any film of him. I was generous because a promotional group was boasting about signing him to a three year contact like they had scored a major coup. His opponents, while he earned this sparkling record has a whopping total of 2 wins between them. I have no idea whether he can fight, or how he'll react when he meets someone who can fight.
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