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Originally Posted by bear View Post
i'd have thurman over diaz as well.
What ratings did Thurman and Diaz have when you ran them bear?

The official ratings give Thurman 7 and Diaz 5. I just got 65-33-2 for Thurman.

Originally Posted by bear View Post
troyanovsky vs. Abril depends on a couple of things. How "real" is troyanovsky's power and the locale of the fight.
Just giving Abril nod as Troyanovsky bit of a unproven quantity.

"I occasionally agreed to carry an opponent, almost always in what is known as a tune-up fight. I never considered it morally wrong as long as I was winning the fight. I was never a killer, like some fighters. I never enjoyed knocking out a guy who I knew had no chance to beat me." Sugar Ray Robinson
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