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Originally Posted by bear View Post
Since we've had some discussion I thought I'd fan the flames a little.

Here are the predictions sent to Billy C. I haven't written the summaries yet. They'll be posted on the Title Bout site as ususal

wlad klitschko over alex leapai
Julio diaz over keith Thurman
lucas matthysse over john molina
omar Figueroa over jerry belmontes
jose Zepeda over rob frankel
denis lebedev over Guillermo jones
Eduard Troyanovsky over Richard abril
lucas browne over eric martel bahoeli
ruben tamayo over efrain esquivias
giovani santillan over daniyar hanyk
Isaac torres over tony lopez
juan Francisco Estrada over Richie mepranum
hernan marquez over john mark apolinario
Wouldn't change much, I'd have Thurman over Diaz and Abril over Troyanovsky.

Watch out for Mosley Jr debut on undercard of Zepeda fight.

"I occasionally agreed to carry an opponent, almost always in what is known as a tune-up fight. I never considered it morally wrong as long as I was winning the fight. I was never a killer, like some fighters. I never enjoyed knocking out a guy who I knew had no chance to beat me." Sugar Ray Robinson

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