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Hey guys,

I am a fan returning to OOTP15 after a few year hiatus. I had played 3 thru X, but stepped away after having multiple leagues fold in a short period of time. I was frustrated with leagues that had managers come in, dump their prospects, maybe win a championship, then quit when the cupboard was bare, or commissioners that maybe bit off more than they could chew and would just disappear.

So I'm back now, and looking for a stable league (maybe 2) to get back in. I'm easily reachable by email, someone who would regularly check a message board, and always exports. I don't mind taking on a lowly team if you have a league with the history that I know that I might have a chance to see a multi-year rebuild through to fruition.

So shoot me a pm if you got an opening, or a league with a lot of history and no one on the waitlist. In the mean time, I'm going to run through a few seasons and get my feet wet on this new version.
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