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I'd like to join an OOTP15 league with ALL the following settings:

Fictional or Current MLB
Potential and Current Ratings scale 1-100
Scouts On, but with 100% accuracy (So teams can still find international players themselves)

As long as it's 2014 or further (2030, 2040, etc.) it's fine with me. It doesn't need to be a new-starting league, and I don't care what team I get. Rebuilding is generally more fun, but any team would be fine.

I've been in several long running OOTP6.5 leagues, and was in a short running OOTP12 league, but have been playing the game since version 3 I think.

The best way to contact me is a PM on here; if you'd rather email send me a PM and I'll give my email there. Thanks in advance.
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