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P405 Update

It's a tale of dominance--only one division has not yet been decided, and not unrelated, it's the only division in which the leader has a lead of fewer than 18 games!--and Wild Card madness--the AC currently has a 3-way tie for the 2 WC spots, while the NC has a 3-way tie for the second Wild Card spot!

Also, after the amazing 39-game hitting streak by Naperville's Rod Carew that I mentioned earlier in this thread, Team To Be Determined's Ty Cobb went and had himself a 33-game hitting streak. I don't think I've ever seen two 30-game hitting streaks in a single Perfect League season, so that was fun.

I will be at Wizard World Chicago (really, Rosemont) tomorrow and so will be away for much of the playoffs. Good luck to all involved! Well, except those who are playing the Red Raiders.
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