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Originally Posted by Maxfire5 View Post
I'm just summarizing the points the devs have made on countless posts about "Why isn't X player higher?"

Sorry for trying to be helpful.

MY point bud....You just like me a player. No sense in you telling me what I do & don't like nor anyone else. People like you have a tendancy to give OOTP a bad name bc ppl get the general idea you are part of OOTP. when in fact your not. Stop trying to impose whatever you think you know on other ppl. My beliefs don't mean I right of wrong but to try to expain what you don't know is BS. Give advicee but quit acting like you part of OOTP. I believe the devs forget or on purpose don't update every card (which they should) because it's overwhelming them, but they put the game out & you got to make everyone happy across the board. They can't & shouldn't pick & choose who to update. Not fair to the $$$$$ people spend on here. I've been with OOTP since Season Ticket & I buy the game every year. But i'm losing confidence in what they doing because (I feel) PT is overwhelming them. I wish they had never made PT bc it will eventually kill OOTP. I hope I can get the courage up to never play PT after this version....It's addicting (they know it) and has taken away from the game I love...OOTP...all about the $$$$$
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