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Originally Posted by Bunktown Ballers View Post
All this is bunk..Blake Snell is still a (93 Diamond Card) with a War of 1.3. Who was Balke Snell before last year? A zero A Nobody bum pitcher. You must have Blake Snell on all your teams if you the one who figures all this crap out. So your expalnation of a career (Abreu).292 hitter that averages 32 HR 109 RBI 89 Runs 5.0 Avg War a year is deserving of a 69 card is BUNK, try again, Bud
I have 1 live card on my team. I don't play with lives as they generally don't meet the meta of the game, which is high contact on offense, good defense, and high movement (limiting HR) as pitchers. MLB currently favors HR on offense, and high strikeouts so it just doesn't make sense for me to use them.

Jose Abreu had a 5 WAR season once in his career, per fangraphs.

3 Year projections put him at 1.7, 1.3, 0.8 over his next 3 seasons. Not exactly setting the world on fire.

For Blake Snell, the Cy Young winner from last year; hardly a nobody.
2017: 1.8
2018: 4.8
2019: 2.5

They still project another 0.8 WAR for the end of the season, meaning a 3.3 WAR season. His FIP is in the low 3s this year, with last year being below 3. His overall is very heavily influenced by his k/9 resulting in a high stuff rating.


Lucas Giolito

2016= -0.6
2017= 0.3
2018= -0.1
2019= 4.7

Projections for the rest of the season at 0.6 WAR. Further, even though his ERA is 3.2 on the year, because of his bad career to date, his projection for the rest of the season puts him at a 4.2 ERA for his last 6 starts. As you can see, heavily influenced by the year before. Next year, I'd expect ZIPS to be nicer to him.
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