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B'sin'Glou are 70-81, but did have a mammoth 28-4 win earlier in the month. Jeff Bagwell scored 6 runs and plated 8 runners (4 via Grand Slam) for a personal tally of 3420 PP. All up we took home 7100 PP.

Also, yesterday I parted ways with All Star Trout, exchanging him for Live Trout. I had already picked up all the other Angels live cards, so finished off that collection. Dean Chance is a nice add to my rotation and I pulled Victor Robles in the Gold Pack. Not that there's a spot for him on my roster at the moment, but this offseason I might think about a reshuffle so I can get him in as my primary backup outfielder and pinch-runner.

With the leftover PP I completed the Taiwan players mission. Hong-Chih Kuo is a great bullpen upgrade. I completed a couple other smaller missions too, as well as added some cards for other missions. This morning I finished off the Orioles Live mission. The gold card from that pack was Willis Hudlin, who doesn't fit my pitching needs at all (47stuff ain't gonna cut it with my defense, even if he has a 90 movement). But I also pulled Live Syndergaard, who is now my new follower.

Now to see what other missions I can tick off!

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