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The Topeka Bombers are 83-64 in Diamond. Currently a whopping 36.5 games out of first place. The first place team is loaded with perfects/high historical diamonds so that's going to be fun in the playoffs. I have added SE Lenny Dysktra to the OF. Also just added the 89 Eckersley so my bullpen got a big boost. Sitting 1st in all defensive categories, top 5 in offense categories, and top 5 in pitching categories. Will see how the playoffs go.

The Kansas City Legends are sitting in second in the silver league. Currently holding a 1/2 game lead on the wild card spot. A couple of the new KC Collections have helped out. John Mayberry is doing quite well offensively. Hal McRae with 80 contact is a decent DH for this team. Just need 1 more card to complete the last Royals collection and I'll add Wade Davis, LoCain and the new Sabes to the team.

My newest team is in the entry pool. It's going to be a packs only team. It recently pulled the 88 Pudge who has been doing quite well. Outside of that, 71 Chris Collabello and 87 Ray Lankford are probably the best players on the team. Will see how it goes. Just wanted a fun team to play with it in addition my theme team.
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