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Originally Posted by JKap View Post
I would like to believe that ratings are based on longer term performance but then explain the extreme changes that take place for some players on a weekly basis. For some veteran players it is a roller coaster, leading to the conclusion that very short-term performance is the key. For example, Will Smith blows a save and he drops from the 90s to a low silver.

In comparison, MLB The Show does base ratings on historical performance and does a much better job of smoothing out changes and applying accurate ratings.

I was looking forward to player updates in OOTP, but the system is such a mess, it just becomes stupid to watch.
Think he dropped from a 94 to an 85 that week, not all the way to silver. Has recently dropped to a silver now. His movement is tanking because he's been subject to the long ball in the last 15 games while his k/9 hasn't changed much meaning his stuff is unchanged. Same with his bb/9.

The overall is a compilation of all 3 all. At one point he had allowed like 3 hrs in 40 innings. Now he's allowed 5 in his ~15. It has to account for that somehow. His card is still a very good card, but will be prone to the longball. Overalls aren't everything. That's why a 69 Gwynn is playable in Perfect.
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