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Originally Posted by Bunktown Ballers View Post
All that sounds gret but rookie cards exceeding 2nd year LIVE cards are bunk. I never could get a answer on how cards are rated and nowing I'm getting told stuff that dont sound right. JOSE ABREU has had agreat career & he's rated card is a 69....please.....25+ 100 RBI avg a year so the career stats used as way to rate cards are bunk. THe 4 players I mentioned are grossly underrated....How heck can Tatis, Jr., Vlad, Bichette (3 weeks of stats) with no previous career be rated so high...I'm talking ALL live cards, non POTM, FUTURE, etc....something ain't right...These players are not the only one Yordan Alavez LIVE card is a 66 and he has broken MLB records. but a 66 while Tatis, Jr, Vlad, Jr...skyrocket...just saying & nothing on you just happening to qoute you...
I mean, miguel Cabrera and albert pujols are 1000 times the player jose abreu was, but they're low rated too. It's based off career data, peak performance and expected downturn in production from aging. Abreu is worth 1.3 WAR at this point. That's not great, especially in the context of 120 years of baseball. A 60s/70s rating is easily appropriate, or even overrated.

Vlad jr. Is dropping bad. Tatis jr is worth 4.2 WAR and tearing things up. He started at a 80ish, and because of how he's done, he's now a 100.

Giolito is worth 5.3 WAR this season and has a career WAR of 5.0 meaning from 16-18 he was worth -0.3 WAR. Those projections are tough to overturn when it's based on 3 years of below replacement level production. Next year he will be better.

You're not getting told wrong info, just info you don't like.
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