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Paragon City Heroes went into the last week of June 29-45, and looking at the basement, they are now 69-64 (despite losing their last 3 games) and sit in a WC place. Bought in SE Belanger and moved Ozzie to 2B to replace Lemahieu, also bough peak Clemente and he failed to impress, the last month's schedule is brutal (4 games against by far the best team in the league, 6 others against division leaders 12 games against teams within 1 1/2 games of the WC spot)

(Edit: Sold Clemente, bought Buck O'Neil and Kirby Puckett, brought Brantley from reserves for a lefty backup role, replacing Acuna, O'Neil replaces Freeman's .620 OPS, how will i ever survive)

Bad News Bulldogs put together the best month I've ever had. After slipping out of 1st place for one day before the ASG they have gone on a tear, 20-6 in August to open up a 13 1/2 game gap at 89-45. Robinson continues to drive runs in (95) Davis continues to hit and run (21HR,60SB) and whiff (195K). The team as a whole is just doing everything well this season

Luckily the Neuman Furshlugginers are just a fun team to try stuff on (that's my excuse) so 61-74 isn't entirely unexpected and depite being no1 in the league in runs scored we have a negative run differential. We are currently headed back down to the bronze league, hiow many teams have been top in runs scored and been relegated?

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