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Originally Posted by One Great Matrix View Post
My least favorite thing first: The PEAK cards that are akin to the player on steroids offensively almost from my modest point of view.
Originally Posted by daves View Post
I agree and like the reference to steroids. Though the steroid era was entertaining it was still considered cheating.

I have a real good team, but when I go to the playoffs there is always a team or two with a rotation of high end perfects such as Maddux, Cy Young, Schilling, Walter Johnson and there are some other steroid pitchers.

I don't mind high end performers, but these drugged up players do hurt the semi-realism OOTP was supposed to represent.
I will take offense for equating PEAK cards with steroids and thus cheating. They are card with stats like any other, and using them is fair and legit. Perhaps the two gentlemen could find a way to deal with them or get these cards themselves instead of beating the same thoroughly dead horse again and again in this thread.
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