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PT20 is my first year playing PT. Overall I've had a great time but I think most of it is due to falling in with a good group of F2P players. So I think having like-minded communities makes the game much more enjoyable. Anything you can add to the game to make forming/finding/belonging to communities would be a plus.

I like Collections (one of my teams is trying to complete as many as possible; my other teams have completed a couple but not many). I don't particularly like the All-Star or POTM cards, but it doesn't bother me much that they exist. Most of my teams use historical cards but it's too difficult to get those types of cards from packs. And I wish there were more decent to good historical relievers!

Edit to say: I forgot to say I don't particularly like the peak cards. It's obvious the fielding on those cards is fudged to be worse than it should be, otherwise people would only use the peak card for a player! Maybe the peak cards should be changed to use a 3-year average performance from the peak of a player's career or some such.

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