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From reading these threads it seems the amount of money you put into this is the inverse of the fun you get out of it.

I spend nothing outside of the base cost of the game and I have a lot of fun with it.
I like the POTM cards, All-Star cards and peak cards.
The future legend cards are a bit wacky but I do not mind them.

We have it pretty good. Many other FTP card games are complete cluster ****s. Multiple currencies, leveling up cards, support cards, having to juggle contracts etc

OOTPD has stayed away from the most egregious of these and left us with a rather fun game mode.

From what I have seen is that most of the ones who have issues are due to the lack of an ‘end game’ that is endemic to most MMO’s

They spend money or get a bit of luck and get to the Perfect Leagues and then what?
Once you have won a championship what is past that? You can fiddle with your roster and hope for more high end cards in content releases but that is it.

Tournaments may help some. And I am sure over the years that we will see other game modes that will give us all some things to do.

If I had one suggestion it would be for a ‘reset team’ option.
The 25 cards on your active roster get sold for quick sell value. They play out the rest of the week and on Sunday night you are given six starter packs and put back into the entry league on Monday morning.
You keep your reserve roster and your PP earned to that point. You then get to start all over.

To make sure no one can claim they did not mean to reset their team, you would have to find and click it, then confirm, then confirm again by entering your user name and password.

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