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Originally Posted by daves View Post
I was actually replying to a prior post.

My point with the POTM and ASG, it's just more high end fabricated ratings. These cards don't seem to represent a true full season. Sure they are good for a month or up to the all star game, but 162 games is a long time. It's like taking a basketball shooter that makes close to 70% of his shots because he might play 2 minutes a game and only shoots high percentage shots. He can't keep those stats up for 40 minutes in a game. These POTM's had a great month, but not sure how there season will end up?
The issue really comes down to "is this a realistic simulation" ? I don't have any doubt that we all agree that was the purpose of OOTP Classic - to be as realistic as possible, but in all fairness that was never the purpose of Perfect Team. Even though I like the game, I have to admit that's the part that rubs me the wrong way; it isn't real enough for my tastes. It's a no-holds-barred "competitive challenge" based on a baseball format.

I guess those of us looking for realism should probably rely on OOTP Classic, and play PT as a sidebar.

PS: If there's one thing I would like to see more than anything else, it would be for the Devs to take another look at getting PT cards into the classic game. That would be awesome.
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