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Originally Posted by Maxfire5 View Post
So now competitive balance only applies to P2P? Interesting.

With the addition of the ASG and POTM cards, they've moved away from their original points about representing season stats which I agree with your concern there. I understand the marketing/business aspect of it though. Also, what do you mean "be in the lineup for one month?" Are you meaning only available in packs for 1 month, or only usable for 1 month, or what? Sorry, I'm missing your point on that.
I was actually replying to a prior post.

My point with the POTM and ASG, it's just more high end fabricated ratings. These cards don't seem to represent a true full season. Sure they are good for a month or up to the all star game, but 162 games is a long time. It's like taking a basketball shooter that makes close to 70% of his shots because he might play 2 minutes a game and only shoots high percentage shots. He can't keep those stats up for 40 minutes in a game. These POTM's had a great month, but not sure how there season will end up?
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