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Originally Posted by Markus Heinsohn View Post
The whole thing is a HUGELY complex system. Tweaking one area (i.e. drop rates, or price of packs, or achievement payouts etc) can have lots of unintendes consequences elsewhere, it is impossible to predict. The balance we have right now is almost perfect, somehow we managed to hit the sweetspot right out of the game. Hence we only do very very minor tweaks in the future to the important parts I just mentioned.

It's easy for those of us on the outside to vastly underestimate the fine balancing act it must be (and was) to both get and then keep the system working well. So kudos to all of you for doing such a terrific job at balancing all the different parts that make up PT.

But with that said, even though it's really hard to tell what consequences different changes will have, it's still fun to make suggestions even if many of them aren't so great.

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