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Two Things I Pray Are Fixed in FHM6

There are two things that annoy me to no end that I really really really pray are fixed in FHM 6....

Number one, and I can't even put into words how annoying this is... but for the love of God, once a sweater number has been assigned to the player can we please not have got re-assign it each and every time that player gets inserted into the lineup? I have had, in a single season, seven different stoppages in my sim in order to assign the exact same number to the exact same depth defensemen who comes up to fill in for injuries. This is absurd. I have given him #55. No one else on the team has #55. The crazy thing is, this is just for him being called up, he's not even playing. He has played two games, but caused seven different stoppages as I get a message having to assign him a number. This is nonsensical and beyond annoying. Please please please fix this.

Number two, There is something incredibly redundant that happens when you have a player come off the IR. You get the message telling you there is a healthy player on your IR so you set your new lines, with that player now back in the lineup you press the button to sim again, and you get a message telling you that the player you have just inserted into your lineup is ready to play again. Yeah... I know, I just put him into my lineup.

Please fix these two things... each time they happen I get more and more annoyed by them, particularly the assigning numbers thing. It seems so pointless. Why would I need to assign the same number to the same player multiple times?
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