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You can go to the individual players page whe you can edit player info.. On the top left corner on the edit page you will probably see a face gen picture. On the left side of the edit page there is a tab called something like picture functions. Click on that. You should see about 6 options like face gen, auto load photo, etc.. If auto load photo option is available, select that and the face gen picture at the top left of the page will change to real pictures. It took me about an hour to do this for 16 teams.
A few of the players names near the top of the edit page does not match the name on the photo. One might have a middle initial while the other one does not or one might have a jr.. Those will not have the auto load feature available but I could get several of them to show up by omitting the middle initial or selection load photo file, inside the picture function tab..
You might give this a try if you are still having problems. Anyway, it worked for me or maybe I just got lucky.
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