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[QUOTE=revmcgator;4517696]I'm confused then. Gotham wasn't included in the stats last season (week) and they haven't chosen to add the -OL or + indicators to their team, so I didn't know if they intended to be OL this season.

In any case, I'll leave that to the official arbiters of OL compliance and award bestowal. If Gotham is not included, the prior results stand (Congrats, Bulldogs.) If Gotham IS included, the finals standings look like this (Congrats, Muffins)...

Team W L Pct.
Mudville Muffins 18 14 0.563
Antique Bulldogs 21 18 0.538
Stephensville Bears 16 15 0.516
Corinth Cougars 17 16 0.515
Redmond Birds 18 23 0.439
Gotham Knights 14 18 0.438
Washington Base Stealers 5 8 0.385

UPDATE: Washington and Corinth meet in the AC Sub-League series. Both teams will advance to Bronze next season.[/QUOTE

Having the OL and + attached to the name was never a requirement. I don't believe anyone thought the idea would take off as it has. While that is great fun for all of us, it has created the problems that have ensued with teams being missed. I believe Gotham last week was the only team that hasn't had its OL games accounted for in any season, which is remarkable given our loose and voluntary structure. Some people may choose to play very casually and just let their teams ride. I think they should still have their games counted if they are still compliant. If they are missed, they would just miss that season. Retroactively penalizing them further seems harsh to me.

I understand that is can be difficult to compile the standings without the identifiers. I think everyone appreciates the work of those that do them. However, sometimes (all too often,I think) OTP servers drop logos and identifiers. In Silver this year, I'm pretty sure Melaka had the "-ol" to start the season, but then it dropped.

Perhaps, going forward, we should adopt some standardization as part of the Our League structure. Here's what I propose:

All teams should add either of the common identifiers to the end of names, that is "-ol" or (ol).

All teams should add + to their abbreviation.

I would also strongly suggest that we adopt the abbreviation standard we used in ESSOM, the Strat play by mail league I played in. Last time I checked, the league had run for 35 years, and might still be going.

The abbreviation standard is:

Two word team names:

Redmond Birds becomes REB +

Two word cities, one word nickname:

Green Lake Cowboys becomes GLC +

One word city, two word nicknames:

Shasta Black Bears becomes SBB +

Two word cities, two word nicknames:

Ewa Beach Fighting Chickens becomes EFC +

Idiosyncratic spellings:

CliffMarkle Roadrunners becomes CMR +

In the rare cases that this system duplicates abbreviations, simply move on to the letter to the right to differentiate them:

Harland Clifts, Hattiesburg Cornhuskers both yield HAC. Harland becomes HRC ot Hattieburg becomes HTC.

Santa Ana Killers, Sanibel Knights both yield SAK. Santa Ana keeps the SAK, and Sanibel becomes SNK.

This need only apply in levels where teams are together.

There are nearly 70 teams in Our League. My thought is that if at least 50 think we should make the "ol" and "+" part of the compliance, we should do it. The only penalty I think we should impose for those that really don't want to do is they will risk having their games not count for OL crowns IF they are missed. I think those that compile the standing should try to include teams without the identifiers, but, given that it is their time and effort, they should not feel compelled to do it. It will be up to the teams that don't have the identifiers to make the effort to get their teams in if they are missed.

How about we run this for a week. Each team gets a vote, so if you have five teams, identify those five teams as five separate votes. I'll keep a count, and if we get to 50, we'll consider it done. Remember the abbreviation standard is only a suggestion. Also, we will not be banishing anybody over something like this. When teams have gone non-compliant in the past, they have simply identified themselves as such and there were a few games that weren't counted. I think a time or two a team pulled themselves out for a season. In this case, we just want people to be aware that they risk not getting a swell crown if their games are missed.

In the Gotham case, I would ask that someone check their roster to see if they have any ineligible players if possible. The Iron crown will go out after that question is answered. Thank you if you have read this far.

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