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I would like to see a better distribution of players attributes. I mean, I see players with 2 Stars or less stars having several attributes with 17 points, for example. It seems there is a very small gap between a 1.5 Stars or 2 Stars player with someone with 5 Stars. Maybe, the max should be 50 so a 5 Stars player is almost 50 on each attribute while a 2 Stars player is around 20 on each attribute, not 17 while a 5 Stars player is 20 in the same attribute.

Also regarding players, I would like to see a better, faster and more complete development of younger players. If you try to build a team with young players will have to wait like 5 seasons to see that player increase 1 star while his potential is 3 or 3.5. I have players with 0.5 stars with potential of 3 and 3.5 but their development rhythm seems so slow that I believe they are not going to reach the potential before they get the peak year. I know this depends of my level and trainers level as well but still, players' development seems too slow and low that sometimes I think I'm forced to rebuild through Free Agency because young players take forever to improve.
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