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Originally Posted by Argonaut View Post
Goliathus: I saw in the first few weeks that the Crayons continued the Argonaut tradition of beating up on the Armada. Funny as they're a totally different team to the Vikings. I guess my digital dudes just have your number. Rough start for both my Bronze teams otherwise though.
This can be seen as me finding a reason for failure, but I sort of abandoned the season and tune the ball park back to all 1.000 for data gathering(as in how my team do on a neutral playground for a more neutral data so I know where my holes truly are) so I don't expect my team to play great against any of the OL teams. Hopefully once we are go back to serious contending mode, I can have a positive win rate against Crayon. For now, your teams are free to pound at my team for the PPs.

Originally Posted by Argonaut View Post
Barring that, some uniformity in the names would be nice. Maybe like soccer clubs do it: "Tottenham Hotspur FC" looks OK and is a common format. If everyone was "Sad Hill Hunters OL" would that look better for the OCD'ers like me?

This rebel votes for uniformity and OL. I am surprised I did not thought about this solution so easily. "OL" certainly looks like part of a real name instead of "-OL" or the "[OL]" I suggested(and no one cared) long time ago. My pet peeve has always been that -OL just feels like too digital to be a part of a non-digital baseball club name. Another pet peeve is match report, but I am getting used to it now.

Originally Posted by OMGPuppies View Post
Sell it to a buddy, who will in turn sell it to you

Now that this is out here in the forum, I wonder how legal it is...

Originally Posted by Findest2001 View Post
All three of my teams are dead even .500 right now too. All you can do is be patient and let the PP build up a bit. Cruise control. This is the only game Ive ever played in 20 years of gaming where the less you play usually the better you do lol. Make a decision and watch for a week. It fails? Make another decision and watch for a week. Its a weird concept for us natural micromanagers to struggle with.

I think you can still make adjustment after a day or two. I used to do that(rearrange batters, adjust pitching position, change players, adjust strategy slider) and I have seen improvement for my team, but I grew tired of spending so much time micro all my teams nowadays so I rarely do that.
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