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Originally Posted by Charlatan View Post
Let me tell you about the challenges of restricting yourself to a smaller timeframe. Though to be honest, my restriction isn't terrible - I only use players from 1959 through 1988 on Motown, so it's more like 3 decades rather than 1 for a 70s or 80s team. Even then, I often find it challenging.

When I search the AH by position, I'm frequently looking at half a page of guys... often when looking at relief pitchers there's only 5 or so to consider (well, guys who are high silvers and above that is...). Patience is definitely a virtue.

One concession I am making is that I am willing to consider "Peak" cards for players who played in that era, even though they may have been active outside the timeframe. Not that I have any, yet, since most Peak cards are pretty expensive (and to be honest, it seems like most of the Peak cards have only decent fielding - it's rare to see a Peak card with excellent fielding. Strikes me as weird, but maybe that's a byproduct of how they determine the stats for the cards).

Itís constricting but it makes it interesting. You really have to know how and where to spend your points. I have one exception Iím playing an 1983 Bob Boone. I got him in one of the six starter packs and he came up with the Phillies in Ď72 so I convinced myself thats fine.

I have two teams on opposite ends right now the Knights have PP spend and nothing to spend it on. San Pedro with no era/decade restrictions isnít generating to PP needed to make changes it needs to make to get to the next level.

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