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Originally Posted by sabakon View Post
You would think running 3 theme teams would put me in a position to grab at least SOMETHING from the collection roll-out. Well, I guess I'm one card away from completing the LEFTIES & WRIGHTIES collection.

Anyone got a 79-point All-Star, SP Lefty Grove, PHA, 1933 they want to unload?
The only teams of mine that completed any collections were the ones that opened lots of packs. None of my OL teams are even close to having any collections. That's probably because those teams don't open many packs, and since they're F2P, when I get a new player, I often sell off the guy who's being replaced, since I need the PP! So it doesn't surprise me that you weren't able to complete any either.

With the cost to complete some of these collections, it might be cheaper to just buy the SE card when it comes up on the AH!

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