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Originally Posted by Calvert98 View Post
Yea, for me, it seems like a lot of work in a short amount of time. The OOTP team is not that large.

And at second glance, those first few rounds %s that I mentioned seem like a real bear as well.

For me, if the Draft class is improved significantly, however defined, in the 6/17 patch, it might be worth the wait. If not, no big deal, I'll go ahead and start the game. Sort of more curious to some extent (and I can't wait to start my game too!).

Oh I have a previous league going on, but I play OOTP 12 months of the year. I play out every game. When the draft file is uploaded I do my best to have at least 25 rounds with every play for each team. I create players needed. It's just somethine I love to do. I'm burned out on PT & can't wait for draft files. What I do is draft for every team with players drafted in correct round as best as I can. I'm dunable to work so I stay home 24-7 with too much time on my hands. LOL
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