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Originally Posted by x McLovin x View Post
Your own two eyes that obviously had the time to watch every single batted ball instance for that player (and every other player in MLB).
Originally Posted by zrog2000 View Post
And I also have to bring this up. How could anyone believe that they could evaluate every at bat for every player in a month and not write anything down while remembering everything and not allowing any bias into it?

People always remember things they want to remember more than things they want to forget. That is natural human behavior.
He didn't and he couldn't and no one did.

He's trying to explain away a stat by using a fictional narrative. It's a perfect example of someone who doesn't want to take the time to understand why these "new" statistics are valuable.

"I can just watch the at-bat, argh!" Good job. So can anyone. Now can that at-bat help people understand how likely that result is to happen again? "Yeah, watch the next at-bat!"

It's trolling at this point.
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