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Originally Posted by DaBears View Post
One note on new patches - and someone can absolutely correct me on this if it has changed - be sure to copy your Ballparks file to your desktop BEFORE installing new patches as they folder will be from the new download, and you have to redo all your views. Very maddening when you forget.

Again, if Iím wrong on this no problem. Just been my experience in the past.
Yes this is what I do and it will allow you to keep your views, however....

If they fix something graphically in a park you will miss out. IE the circle around home plate at Wrigley Field in OOTP is not a circle. Instead the grass comes to a point in front of the plate that is very ugly.

There is a way around it if this occurs. Each park in the models folder has a file that holds the camera views. For Wrigley it is called "wrigley_field.ootp3d and is only 6kb. You can make backup copies of these files and move them into a new build and get your camera views back.

The easiest thing to do is keep that backup file of all of your parks and if a graphical fix comes in a patch you can go there to get your cameras and move them into the newly patched game. It's also a good idea in case you get in a hurry on patch day and overwrite your parks.
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