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Originally Posted by Clovidequano Dovatha View Post
Ottoskarje, not Ottoskarge, in terms of the logo, Eugene. I'm still using 300x300 logos when I can, seeing as I still haven't installed 19, even though it's been bought, as has FHM 5. I believe I have FHM 3, but not FHM 4, if memory serves. Perhaps the listed colors could be each team's preferred and/or best-known colors, in time?

The colors may not be exactly what I might have in mind for the Lynx, ultimately. But the home looks good enough to use for now, once I get the needed league going well enough later on, Lord willing, of course. The wordmark seems good on the home, as well.

For fonts, there are many sites with free fonts available, no doubt. If there could be updates to the appropriate software, perhaps someday, we could all use templates for caps, logos, and/or uniforms that would allow us to fill in those templates pixel-by-pixel, if we felt the need or desire to do that at all. I often used to do that for items usable in that virtual world I was part of years ago before it closed suddenly with only a few days of advance notice. If it were possible to do that sort of thing here as well, I think you all would be much more likely to see more things posted by me here, if I'm not too mistaken here, Eugene.

Thank you for your kind comments above, as well. It warms my heart to know there are still good and decent people in this world, even though the world is heading into greater and greater danger in many ways, every single day, for sure. Thankfully, while I don't know exactly what the future holds in store, obviously, I STILL know Who holds it all in His Holy Hands, and I absolutely trust Him with it, no matter what may and does happen in time for it. That will NEVER change, for sure. CD out.
As I told you when I use a mascot image, I have to use the colors of the original... I don't know how to change colors on mascots.

As far as fonts, I don't know how to download the free fonts and install them on my computer... too complex for me... it sure would be nice to have access to fancy script fonts and swooshes.

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