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Originally Posted by Clovidequano Dovatha View Post
I have also used the park generator for parks which Benclimil, Folliston, Olsonton, and Rocíoton will play in, as soon as possible, in fact. But as with the Hornets Hive stadium, the actual stadiums are not yet built, of course.

The Hornets will play in Hornets Hive, the Chargers in Chargers Corral, the Cupids in Heartsongs Field, the Vikings in Valhalla Stadium, and the Camels in Camels Park. I do not have names yet for the other parks, nor dimensions or park factors for them, but those things will come as they come, if and when they do. As will other related details, I'm sure.

Maybe if I'm better able to lock down various nation-related details, things might be much easier for us all here, of course. At least that's my hope, anyway. CD out.
CD, you are a man after my own heart... I like the way you tie in stadium names with the team nicknames... and the way you want to connect the major team with its minor-league team.

I love that you are a man of faith and depend on God and are willing to quietly state it without offending anyone... I get the feeling you are "a man after God's own heart"... though David was a flawed human being... just like all of us… he did his best to try and please God... don't you wish ever one of us would try to do that, too... the world would be a lot nicer place.

I can see God already working to help you set up your league... He is sending people to help you.

You are getting some good advice.

I think you are going to do alright... it may not be exactly as you want it... you have some very lofty dreams... but hey, we'll help you get part of the way.

God will do the rest.

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