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I did use the park generator for the desired dimensions and park factors related to the Hornets Hive stadium. But I don't have the stadium yet. Maybe someone might be able to make it once I provide more details about Amjasi?

That might take a little while to figure out. But let's take things here one step at a time. First, let's get the team-related sets figured out first, whether it's easy or hard to do, or somewhere in between. Then that should give us more ideas we can use for the stadiums each team might need made for them so that I can use them for any version of Out of the Park Baseball that I might have at any time, I think.

I don't know how good Eugene is with drawing logos, either on paper or on the computer, but I'm still trusting that he'll do the best work he can. As will anyone else who might help me with this project, of course. It may not be easy for him, or me, but with the Lord's help and leading and all, I think whatever comes out here might turn out better than expected, somehow. At least that's my hope. His logos seem to be good, and perhaps might be usable for lower-level teams, if and when I'm able to further develop the fictional nation of Slaabovia well enough. For some of those teams, I might use various items I've already collected, and even some I haven't yet gathered. Not sure yet.

Of course, if I could finally lock down at least one map for that nation, and be able to determine proper coordinates for the fictional places in question, et cetera, that would be great, as well, I'm sure. That's another thing I want to do this year, if I can, for multiple reasons. Especially for story-related purposes, I really want to finally lock down a lot of details relating to that particular nation and/or any number of other potentially associated fictional ones, most definitely.

Thank you for your time, everyone. CD out.
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