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Yes, that's the list of places in question here. Give me at least a day to see if I can find notes related to those places, and I'll write more about them as I can, so that you may be able to design the sets and all accordingly, okay?

I also have begun using the park generator tool for the dimensions, but no stadiums are yet made for those teams, unfortunately. Maybe someone else can make the stadiums for me, once they have those dimensions and the related information provided for them as well?

Speaking of which, I have the dimensions for the Hornets' stadium here in front of me. The park will be called Hornets Hive.

LFL: 273 feet down the line, with a 39-foot wall height.
LF: 321 feet and 39-foot wall
LCF: 389 feet and 39-foot wall
CF: 420 and 20-foot wall
RCF: 374 and 17-foot wall
RF: 336 and 13-foot wall
RFL: 314 and 8-foot wall

Open stadium
Grass surface
Extra Small foul area
Elevation 406 feet
Capacity 39,572

Mow pattern: Cross-hatched diamonds
Pitcher's Lane: On
Distance Markers off
On-Deck Circles on

Average LHB 1.078
Average RHB 1.155
Doubles 1.099
Triples 0.699
HR LHB 1.269
HR RHB 1.305


January 37/3
February 45/3
March 53/4
April 57/4
May 66/4
June 73/4
July 82/4
August 75/4
September 64/3
October 54/3
November 44/3
December 34/3

Average Wind 5

Ambient Temperature 69.5
Average Temperature 69.5
Average Rain 3.8

Carry Left 0
Carry Center 0
Carry Right 2

I'll have to think of the design style a bit for Hornets Hive, though, I think, before I can be more descriptive here, for the park makers here who may not mind making parks here for these teams to play in. Same thing for a number of the other teams listed above, I'm sure, as well. But as for Folliston's Heartsongs Field, I'll probably want it to have a feel much like a blend of various St. Louis-area ballparks, past and present, if I'm not too mistaken here.

Thanks for your time, Eugene. I'll have to think more about Amjasi and the other locations as time permits, and all, but I at least envision Amjasi as being inland and with railroad lines, et cetera, in or near its general area. Not sure if it'll be in a hillier area or more elevated area, in terms of generally prevailing terrain near the city and the related park, but it's certainly not going to be on the coast, in any case.

Until next time, I'll close this. Let me get back to you more on Amjasi later, please, as soon as possible. CD out.

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