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I'll use this list to work on:

The teams in the Follis Division would be as follows:

Folliston Cupids (Main colors would be red, pink, white, and blue)
Rocíoton Camels (Main colors would be black, tan, red, and white)
Slaabojevo Knights (Main colors would be blue, gold, and red)
Tracyton Huskies (Main colors would be brown, white, and blue)
Tran City Bucks (Main colors would be green, white, brown, and tan)
Willson Athletics (Main colors would be blue, white, and green)

The teams in the Gens Division would be as follows:

Amjasi Hornets (Main colors would be navy, yellow, green, and white)
Benclimil Chargers (Main colors would be red, white, and brown)
Olsonton Vikings (Main colors would be black, gold, and red)
Sara City Rockets (Main colors would be purple, white, and orange)
Sarahnapool Cougars (Main colors would be yellow, blue, and copper)
Shmala Bears (Main colors would be black, silver, and orange)
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