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Agreed, that's fair. As long as we're honest with each other, I think we can figure things out as we go, as needed and possible. Let's try to stick at least with the colors, though, if not also the team or league names as well as we can, okay? As I said, I can be patient, and besides, there are other things that interest me as well, of course. Such as writing, for example.

If it might help you, perhaps I can even try to do some digging online as well? I spend a lot of time surfing the Web when I can, after all. I'll also try to firm up more details related to the applicable fictional nation, as well, as quickly as I can, which might help everyone who might contribute to this sort of thing too, in some way. Thank you for your honesty. Hopefully, we can have a good, if not great, dynasty-type thing come out of those, of course, in the near future.

Until later, then, I'll close this. Thanks again for your time here. CD out.
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