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Yes, I do plan to create this league, or try to recreate it, if I've tried to create it before. It's one of the leagues I've been wanting to start up for quite some time, and create a real history and all for, in truth. I don't know if anyone else is willing or able to work on these things, and I can live with some variances, if need be, for at least a little while, I think. Perhaps the simple ones could be like the real-world ones from the 19th Century here in North America, et cetera, and later versions could fit later times, of course?

Try the best you can here with colors and/or logos, okay? If something doesn't quite work, we can try and see if we can think of things that do.

I can be patient here with anyone who tries to help me here, for sure. At least for a while longer, that is, Eugene. I mean, I've been waiting for a good while already with several other requests, no doubt. What's a few more weeks, at least, when that's considered here? CD out.
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