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Some spring cleaning and we have a whole bunch of teams vacant...

Birmingham Rifles
Unfortunately and surprisingly neglected by the former GM. Needs a lot of work but has a decent base for a rebuild. And being last of the lower tier, things can only get better.

Bristol AC 1923
Bristol is one of the newest teams. Formed in 1923, joined the BBA in 1925, relegated in 1927. But like a few other teams, they fight a tough battle for promotion.

Cardiff SC 1899
One of the two teams out of Cardiff. They made the playoffs from 1906-1908 and won the trophy in the last year. In 1915, they entered the playoffs again, but the war stopped their carefully planned future. From 1921-1924, they were a contender again. Now, they're almost in the relegation zone.

Derry BC 1920
A strong minor league team and among the teams that are candidates for a possible promotion.

Glasgow Lowlanders
The Lowlanders are a quite successful team of the early days. Seven straight playoffs since 1906 with two McAndrews' trophies. It took more than ten years for their first and last playoff run after 1912. This season they're on track to the playoffs.

Leeds Owls
The former Athletics were THE surprise in 1927. Coming back from two losing seasons since they joined the league, they first magically made it to the playoffs and then swept all opponents, including the 1926 champs and favorites, the Nottingham Reds.

Liverpool BC 1909
Liverpool joined the league in 1911 and finished the first season with a laughable 6-84 record. Right after the Great War, they had three winning records, including winning the regular season in 1922. This year could change dramatically as Liverpool is sharing the bottom of the BPL with Sheffield and Leeds.

London Arsenal FC
Started off as a pure baseball club, the LBC was bought by a famous football club. Obviously, this helped. The club could promote by the end of the season but will face a grim future if it won't fix the farm.

Manchester Bees
A BPL team since 1906, the Bees look back at six playoff seasons and one championship in 1913. Manchester has the second-best farm and is ranked fourth in the BPL standings.

Newcastle BC 1902
Newcastle only made the playoffs once in 1913. Twelve years later they achieved their best record but failed to join the postseason. This season they're just a half game behind Aberdeen and the playoffs.

Oxford Scholars
Formed by the famous Oxford University in 1896, the Scholars belong to the founding members of the BPL. Just before WW1, they qualified for the playoffs twice, but their prime was in the four years after the war. Three playoffs, two championships. Can they win it again in 1928?

South Wigan BC 1924
An expansion team that is on a good way to end up in the promotion run.

Sunderland Navigators
One of the founding members. Four playoff runs with one championship in 1911. The glory days are over though. After an unlucky relegation (.500 record), the Navigators will have to find a way against a strong competition to make it back to the BPL.

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