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Originally Posted by Clovidequano Dovatha View Post
How can I keep a league the game adds into my setup past the time when it likely disappeared in reality, like the Federal League, for example, which only played up through the 1915 season, and not thereafter? I'd like to keep the Federal League in existence, if possible, post-1915, without having to recreate it or something. Or how do I keep certain teams around, even if they're not in their original leagues, after their league or leagues likely fold? Just wondering, that's all. Please advise, if and when you like and can. Thank you. CD out.
All you have to do is unaffiliate your Federal League as explained by Lukas above. Once you unaffiliate the league it will remain unaffiliated and in the case of the Federal League continue on beyond 1915 until you decide to delete it.

Only thing Lukas got wrong above is you only need to set it unaffiliated once. However if you unaffiliate the Federal League in 1914 you will have 2 Federal Leagues once you get to 1915. The one you unaffiliated plus a new affiliated one the game creates. Doing it in 1915 you won’t have the duplicate because there was no Federal League in 1916.

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