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Best way to use 1915 player set with ~1993 finances?

I cant figure out the best way to configure a "historical" league, using 1915 MLB players, preferably with auto recalc of ratings (so that they remain balanced with regard to each other, i.e. Rogers Hornsby vs Home Run Baker)... but using more modern finances, league total stats, and AI roster settings (rotations, starting pitcher endurance, etc).

I have tried creating a 1915 historical league (16 teams total) and then manually importing league totals from the 1993 AL (AL only, since that represents 14 teams, and right now I dont care that 14-teams worth of stats are distributed over 16 teams)....

But I dont know whether to lock the league totals, and I dont know how to get the starting pitcher staminas to mimic the 1993 era. Also, the auto-calculation of modifiers seems to work sometimes and not sometimes.

Also, I dont know whether to have Automatically Import historical player-creation modifiers on or off.

I understand some of this stuff but not all of it.

Any advice or instructions on how to set this up would be greatly appreciated!!
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