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Federal League addition/creation and/or setup, et cetera

How do I make it so that when the Federal League comes into one of my games in a historical game, that it starts out as a major league, and not as a minor league, circa 1913? When I played to that point, before fortunately being able to go back to the last available backup for that particular game, the game in question put it as a minor league, and I really don't want that to be the case before I begin the applicable following season.

I actually do want it to be a brand-new major league from the time of its first season in game, not under Major League Baseball or any other potentially-existing league I might have in that game up to that point in time, for sure. And I want it to be able to continue past 1915, as well, as such, of course.

Please advise, if and when you like and can, then, everyone. CD out.
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