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This makes me really want to go back and keep going through my modern day save file, too. But I mostly focus a lot of attention on my fictional league I worked hard on creating. In that save, I've gone through 5 years so far and James Grand for the Chicago Comets is dominating every year, scoring 100+ points consistently. He's the only player with over 500 career points, 2nd place being in the 400s I think (if that even). I didn't expect to have made him that great originally, but it's been impressive to watch. His Comets have also made 4 straight finals appearances, but are 2-2 so far in that round.

Also from the junior league with the team I'm managing we had a really wild game happen. I don't know how but this happened in the past season. I mean 17-1 is bad enough, but 71 shots? Even if this is fictional, I had no hand in messing with these guys in junior either, it just kind of happened this way.
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