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Originally Posted by JeffR View Post
That's very strange, Trotz's settings are biased slightly towards offensive systems, so he really shouldn't be going so defence-heavy unless you've really loaded the roster with defence-first players. Did you make any major player moves in that offseason.
I did not, I actually stayed with pretty much the same team because I had made the playoffs for the second year in a row and could still afford all my key players. If anything changed it was on the 4th line. Its kind of hard to tell because when my team started bombing I was making desperation trades to try and fix it before I realized the change in tactics.

The second time it happened I literally took the same team, and same coach, I had just one the Stanley cup and felt pretty good about my repeat chances.

I've played about 8 more seasons since then, It happened once in the middle and I was able to fix it by firing and rehiring my coach using comish mode. It just happened again in my most recent season Dan Bylsma went from a puck possession/boucher system that he had successfully used to guide my team to 4 consecutive cup finals, only winning one sadly, to the ultraconservative/neutral zone trap. I tried using the comish mode fix but it still didn't work, so I fired byslma and hired a new head coach and it kept the same tactics. I even tried releasing my coach and it will not let my change the tactics.

I'm going to finish the season and see what it does next year.
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