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Coach tactics glitch?

So I started a sandbox game and simmed through the first season, then started an expansion team. The first season went alright, but the head coach i hired retired after one season. So I hired michel therrien during my second season and He took my team to the conference final then lost, in the second season under therrien the team absolutely bombed and halfway through I noticed he was using an ultra conservative offense/neutral zone trap, my owner wouldn't let me fire him until we missed the playoffs. Going into the next season I hired barry trotz to lead my team. I can't remember what setup he was using but it was different than therrien's. Trotz led the team to the stanley cup, then at the start of the second season the team was bombing badly, so I go to check out his tactics and guess what he switched to Ultra conservative offense/neutral zone trap.

Has anyone else experienced an issue similar to this?
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