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On-line league

League Type: Fiction Modern type
Main URL: Home
Commissioner OOTP Forum Username(s): Phatman- not a fly by night guy. I am a 40 y/o family man that have ran long running Madden leagues in the past, looking to make a long running OOTP league. Always willing to help new people.
Email Address: FMRodog at
OOTP Version: OOTP17
Game Needed: Required
Players: Fictional
# of Teams: 30 with full minor leagues, set-up like MLB
Sim Schedule: Monday, Wed and Sunday
League Time Per Sim: 7 Days
Season: Currently in 2002 Spring Training- Started in 1988
Special Rules & Settings: All Ratings 20-80. Scouts on with normal accuracy, full coaches (open to suggestions), DH for one league. Injury Frequency = Normal Modern Day.

Hello everyone, I wanted to throw out feelers for a single player fictional league that I have been running since OOTP 12. I am slightly getting bored of the single player mode and would like to open it up to the general public for more fun and excitement. I obviously don't want to start over again with making another league. Nothing is set in stone as far as settings,and I am open to voting for changes, but I would like to keep the team names the way they are until you as a participant have done at least one full season in the league.

I am very excited to hopefully get more people involved in my league. If you have any questions or if this is something that sounds like you might be interested in please let me know.

Please!! If you are not going to participate in uploading files or disappear after 3 sims. Do not waste my time. I want to have fun with like minded people who love this game.

Right now we are using slack for communication.

Available DH Teams

Baltimore Bombers

Chicago Grays-

Minnesota Fox Hounds-

Milwaukee Velocity

Phoenix Keystones

Available Non-DH teams

Miami Blaze -1999 & 2000 champions

Cleveland Predators

Chicago Outlaws-

Dallas Rangers- Rebuild

Fresno Warbirds

Seattle Warriors-

Washington Patriots -
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