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Please help with mods for 1933 Historical Replay

Hi folks,
I will be doing a Historical Replay (chosen at random) of the 1933 season. I love baseball and all it's history. I will be replaying the '33 season in real time day-by-day as the 2014 season progresses. I will not be managing or tinkering with rosters. I will just be observing and seeing if there are any new outcomes different than what really happened. It will be a lot of fun to learn about new (old) players from baseball's history.

I am looking for the best mods out there to make this game super fun. I already have imported the historic facegen and that is the cat's ass! Thanks to those who took on that endevour. I need a mod for logos, uniforms, ballparks and any other things that may come recommended. I am playing on a Mac if that matters. I need to know how to implement any mods into the game (what folders, etc. to put them in). I have downloaded a file called "MLB Historical Uniforms 1901-1970" but they are not showing up in my game. I also downloaded "uniforms and logos 1871-1949" but I think those are fictional?

Of course any guidance is purely appreciated.
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