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What the ??

Had this just happen after I won the 1873 World Series, with a 43-7 record.

Manager of the Year in the American League?

#1 Skipper in AL: Montemayor of St. Louis: The St. Louis Brown Stockings called a press conference to announce that field manager Orlando Montemayor had been named AL Manager of the Year earlier in the day. Staffers congratulated the 61-year-old baseball guru as he approached the podium.

"This city has allowed me to craft a winning ball club," said Montemayor. "When you take on a new job, there's always some adjustment period, but everyone here has been cooperative. From the bat boys on up. Here's to many more successful seasons for the St. Louis Brown Stockings!"

Montemayor led St. Louis to a 19-31 record this year and a third place finish in the AL.

Hmmm...19-31, 3rd place finish, 24 games behind the league champion and somehow, manager of the year??
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